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Exit a Friday in the afternoon is one of the main attractions of the Spanish, but you should not go to the first place that appears, you should rather read this post as we give you a list of the best bars in Spain. Log in to the Airpaz website and get listings of the most affordable flights!

The Best Bars in Spain

Going out and enjoying a Friday or Saturday night visiting bars is usually a common adventure in several countries. In Spain something special happens, not only you will be in a bar in Spain for a drink but also the experience allows you to have a true idea of its cuisine.

Known as tapas or tapas, it is one of the real reasons to discover authentic Spain . The best bars in Spain will undoubtedly give you a sincere and unique vision of this European country.

Below is a complete list of the best bars in Spain, take note and visit them on your next outing.

Tickets Bar

Located in Barcelona, it is a bar that attracts people of all kinds of cultures, setting them in a pleasant space and with a truly delicious meal.

When visiting Tickets Bar we will find the creations put in reality of the Adrià brothers. Each dish and service is no more than an extension of the love of their owners for their city.

A bar for adventurers, spirits of leisure and people full of curiosity to find the best flavors of the country’s cuisine.

Try their most delicious dishes at the best price, try the crunchy octopus or the Bresse Quail and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Carolina Returns

Another of the bars in Spain that we should not miss is Vuelve Carolina, a restaurant bar located in the heart of the city of Valencia. This bar has a new experience to offer, world cuisine with a new twist.

Here you will only find first quality products, culinary excellence and, of course, innovation. We advise you to get a place in the bar where you can observe all the work of the kitchen. A real show awaits you when you visit Vuelve Carolina.

The 38 of Larumbe

Recommended even by the Michelin guide, do not expect to be told and visit El 38 de Larumbe, located in Madrid. Visiting it was never easier, since you can go at any time of the day. With the quality of always, The 38 of Larumbe offers an original gastronomic proposal and full of good ideas.

On your terrace you can enjoy a delicious coffee or even a brunch. You cannot lose this.

Other Bars in Spain that you should Not Miss

  • Barra Atl√°ntica, Madrid.

  • Ten’s Tapas Restaurant, Barcelona.

  • Tapas 24, Barcelona.

  • Villa Paramesa, Valladolid.

Go out with your friends to these bars in Spain and enjoy a good chat between friends and family. Do not wait for a special occasion and start celebrating the good life, today.

Visit any of these bars in Spain and enjoy a unique experience.